Who Offers FR44 Insurance Coverage in Clearwater, FL?

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If you have been convicted of a DUI or caught driving on a suspended license, you may need to file an FR44 with the state of Florida. This refers to a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR), which certifies that you carry specific levels of liability insurance on your auto insurance policy. The minimum auto insurance requirements in Florida are 10/20/20, whereas the requirements for FR44 insurance are 100/300/50 – shorthand for:

$100,000 for bodily injury or death of one person
$300,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons
$50,000 for property damage

You can count on American Family Agencies Insurance for FR44 insurance coverage in Clearwater, FL. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, and we are committed to helping your find affordable coverage.

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Types of FR44 coverage

When you file an FR44, it will be in effect for a three-year period. During this time, you cannot cancel this policy. For this reason, it is often required that the full amount of the policy be paid up front. The options for FR44 insurance coverage include:

Non-Owner FR44

You are insured for the required coverage amounts for any vehicle you operate which you do not own.

Owner FR44

You have the required liability coverage in addition to coverage for a vehicle you own. If you are leasing or financing a vehicle, your lender will most likely require you to maintain coverage on the vehicle.

Policy holders cannot submit proof of an FR44 on their own. All notifications must come directly from the insurance company, and they must notify the DMV of any cancellation or lapse in coverage.

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